Our Company

ArabEspa now belongs to the Arab World Group: company with extensive experience in Arab and European markets. His stay in time and experience in the market means that you define as a specialist in Europe and the Persian Gulf. Within this framework the company ArabEspa professionalism , initiative spirit formed by young Arab- Spanish specialists and experts who are committed to a prosperous and secure trade is created. The tightrope that are currently in the European markets and especially the Spaniards, forcing small and large Spanish companies to look prosperous and fruitful beyond national borders and European markets. Creating jobs internationally is one of our objectives . If you want to be part of ArabEspa and work with us , you can fill out the form provided on (Contact Us) or call the phone number.

What we offer ?

The commitment to our customers is based on the utmost seriousness and complete disposal for any queries that may arise, regardless of the uncertainty in the new business landscape . The service offers ArabEspa ranging from the simplest of steps , to the most complex of the actions you want to perform . No matter the product or service you want to bet . After a detailed market study , we contacted organizations , institutions and Arab companies that may be interested in supply or demand and wishing therefore become your " job - applicants ." The consulting department and trade relations is at your disposal . To contact us , please fill out the form that appears in Contact or , if you prefer, call the telephone number indicated.

How we choose?

The Spanish crisis poses a great obstacle when talking about commercial success. Trust in business relationships beyond our borders. This is the case of the Arab world , a promise of great flourishing trade led by young and established companies . An intelligent and exceptional destination for large or small Spanish companies that include targeted business opportunity in the Middle East . Within this framework ArabEspa born , a group of Arab- Spanish specialists and experts who are committed to a prosperous and safe trade. Although our initiative is young and innovative company belonging to the Arab Group is a support of more than twenty years of experience . A combination of modernity and innovation , maturity and guarantee professionalism from fighting for the support and the access bridge to the Arab Gulf .

Advantages of the arab world

The Arab world is constituted by the Western countries in the Middle East, specifically the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa and the Horn of Africa. Ranked from east to west about 8,000 kilometers stretching from the northern part of Africa to the Arabian Sea. The surface dominates assumed 12.9 million km2 , and today has become one of the most important global territories from geographically and economically with about 250 million inhabitants. The economy of the UAE has a high GDP per capita and trade surpluses that have enabled a rapid transformation from modernity and prosperity in domestic product. Numerous oil revenues have given the Arab world a better standard of living are added to this construction and development. Internationalization in the Arab world is an opportunity for success . Given the persistent fall of the Spanish domestic consumption , it is essential to have the support and advice to access a new market. A market full of findings is at your reach. More and more Arab countries are consolidated as keys present and future . The number of exports continues to grow today in countries like Morocco , Algeria, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt territories owe their growth to the large energy and technology stocks. Definitely a market that continues to grow and we often forget as a great alternative to output Spanish products and services.